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Paul and Judy - PCT and Beyond

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All Set for the Pacific Crest Trail

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Judy and I all set for the 4,200 km Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican border south of San Diego to the Canadian border north of Seattle. Got our permit starting March 15th and, all things being equal, finishing mid September six months later. It’s a lottery getting the dates you want as only 30 are issued each day and all have to be approved by the powers that be. We’re raising money for mental health with a specific mind to our brother.

I’m getting someone to set up a website for us and will keep a blog using GoPro and iPhone so will have a link to that for anyone who’s interested. So now sorting airfares and health insurance plus an interview at the US Embassy in Auckland on January 24th for the Visa ( over 90 days so needed but I’m told it will just be a ticking the box thing as already had the phone interview).


Little daunting but EXCITING.

Never thought I’d be attempting something like this when I was 70 and with my sister!

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Have a good sleep Paul tomorrow is the first day of your adventure

Sleep well tonight


Patrick Noonan
Patrick Noonan

Terrific idea and as you say daunting



Will be following you both, I think you’re both amazing!

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