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Change of plan

Well it's apparent we can't get over those moubtains for a few weeks yet ( they are saying it's not safe for 6 weeks as more snow to come ). It's a real pain but we have had to be proactive in making a change to our plan so here it is....

We are heading back to LA tomorrow then back to Karen in SF and on Saturday we fly to London to do The Salt Path (1000kms along the south west coast line ). This walk is still challenging but without the snow ! After this ( probably end June ) we will be returning to Oregon/Washington to pick up the missing miles and continue on the PCT in the summer months .

It does also mean we will be meeting up with friends and family in England , an unexpected but fun outcome and we may even talk some friends into joining us for some of the walk , you know who you are Bob, Jolly, Cherry, Bill, Sally !

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End of the line

We made it to the finish post , 650 miles from Minehead to South Haven Point . It was so special to have Cherry, Jolly and Peter joining us for the last days walking . Many thanks to all those people

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Tessa Louise Hough
Mar 26

Great decision making!! We're here if you need a bed in London at any point in all this! Bob has a week on Madrid for a ½ marathon from April 3rd but I'm here. We leave for Spain on April 29th.

More later. Tried to send this message a few times but it keeps disappearing! Love Tessa

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