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Paul and Judy - PCT and Beyond

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My turn

Four weeks from today we'll be on the Mexican Border heading north for six months with no looking back. As Judy says we'll have a roller coaster ride of emotions with AWESOME days and some not so good. We have each other for support plus I'm sure plenty of other like minded ( all be it probably younger!) people along the way. Of course I'll miss family and friends and I thought today, as I was out walking, the ocean. Nowhere near the coast for the duration.

Bring it on👍

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End of the line

We made it to the finish post , 650 miles from Minehead to South Haven Point . It was so special to have Cherry, Jolly and Peter joining us for the last days walking . Many thanks to all those people

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Feb 17

A great achievement just thinking and planning for such an epic trip. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Keep safe. Best wishes form us all in Keswick Cumbria Uk

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