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Paul and Judy - PCT and Beyond

  • judiesh

Photos from today’s totally amazing (and rather gruelling) 14 mile walk along rugged coastline . Lynmouth to Combe Martin

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End of the line

We made it to the finish post , 650 miles from Minehead to South Haven Point . It was so special to have Cherry, Jolly and Peter joining us for the last days walking . Many thanks to all those people


Lucy Galanos
Lucy Galanos
Apr 07

So beautiful! Proud of you with all those cliffs Mum!


Tessa Louise Hough
Apr 06

Such wonderful scenery I want to be there but a bit scarey in places!

Hopefully you are carrying less now and the blisters aren't too bad?

When Bob gets back we'll look into possible rendezvous. The ½ marathon is tomorrow!!

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