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Paul and Judy - PCT and Beyond

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Salcombe to Torcross

John drove us to Salcombe ( thank you John) and we began our day with a ferry ride across to East Portlemouth , really lovely and took all of ten minutes . We then began our walking through some Woods until we then came out on high exposed cliff paths for most of the morning . We stopped at Prawle Point where there is a volunteer run coastguard watch house. Then we continued along the coast line at some lower levels until we got to Bee Sands and finally a big uphill push and down again to get to Torcross . 15 miles today .

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End of the line

We made it to the finish post , 650 miles from Minehead to South Haven Point . It was so special to have Cherry, Jolly and Peter joining us for the last days walking . Many thanks to all those people


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